Google Analytics

I cannot emphasize the need to be able to track your site visits enough.

What Are Analytics.

Google Analytics ReportSimply put, Analytics are the tools that allow you to track the effectiveness of your website.  At its basic level, an analytics report identifies what pages were visited how often, along with where the visitor came from and goes next.  There can be additional information about what country they visited from and what device they were using.

You can use them to see what pages your visitors are drawn to.  This can translate into an understanding of why they come to your website – and how much traffic on YOUR site is viewed on a mobile device.

Why don’t you try and view your site on a mobile device?  How easy is it to read?  Are you making it easy for your customers to access information about you?  Does it present the image that you think they will identify with?

Try it out.  If you need some assistance doing so then here is a link to a ‘Mashable’ post with those details.  If you want assistance then you can contact us as well.

Here is a link to the Wikipedia article if you would like to know more.