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The mobile phone is today’s swiss army knife. The computing power and storage capacity significantly surpasses what you used at your desk a few years ago. It is is also highly accessible AND knows exactly where you are.

Your customers are using their phones to find the things that they want – or the closest reasonable facsimile. They will go to your competitor if they can’t find out what you can offer. That transition is as easy as the tap of a finger.

How are people accessing your website? How many are using a mobile phone?  How much do they have to play with the content to be able to read it? Do you even know those details?

Do you know how to get them?

Contact us and let us help you to sort it out.

Anglican parish listings

DofNW parish listing

We are pleased to announce the release of another application today. This one is due to our ongoing relationship with the Anglican Diocese of New Westminster.

The application replicates the functionality of the service on their web site, allowing a visitor to lookup information on parishes in the area (aka diocese) with information on contact details, service times and clergy. Now finding out more about your local Anglican Church can be in the palm of your hand! We hope you will find it as welcoming as the parishes themselves.

It is currently available on android and windows phone. iOS(iPhone and iPad, all versions) and Blackberry (10,7 and playbook) pending. We welcome your feedback here or through the application itself.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
The Digital Zebra Media team.

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