PlayOr is a property that we produced to coincide with the initial launch of the BlackBerry Playbook.All we knew about the device was; that it would be portable, have a touch screen and (most importantly, we felt) a built in (HDMI) output to a secondary screen.  We thought ‘what better way to provide function AND to show off the features of a Playbook than to use it to describe sports plays!’.  And, as Canadians supporting a Canadian product why not describe hockey – especially given the then leader’s affinity for an NHL franchise. We are happy with the result and the feedback.  As a thanks to the users – and especially the reviewers! Its key features are intended as; purpose, functionality and simplicity Why not see it for yourself? Better yet Install it if you have a PlayBook. And don’t forget to let us know what you think!

ehTV is a product currently under development. The intent is to provide visitors with a directory of the most up to date streaming video content available in Canada.  We believe that people, like us, want to go to one place to manage their viewing interests, and that should feel the same whatever platform you are using. We believe that the lack of access to the content is limiting the legitimate consumption of the content and fuelling sites that do not support the production of ongoing content. Out of respect for the providers, we merely act as matchmaker and redirect our visitors to the stream provided by the legitimate licensee in Canada. Once they finish, they can stay on that providers site or return to us and the next item in their stream.